Director Message

mlzs-Siwan -director

Director, MLZS Siwan

“It is true that a child is the father of a man.”

We believe that a child is no less potent and can even achieve what is being conceived as impossible. We help our students to emerge as those who would fill the world with their vivid colours and lead with excellence and diligence. A child is like a lump of drenched clay, which can be transformed according to our choice. It is this choice of making our students better than the existing lot which creates a difference.

We have always been firm believers in certain principles and values which guide our pedagogical systems. These systems have undergone a massive change in the past few years as technology and educational theories have become quite visible parts of education. We do understand that they are also inseparable from modern education systems and we must walk ahead of time to create leaders.

As leaders have a vision for the future, we too must develop a vision which will help our young minds to cultivate leadership qualities from the very beginning of their journey in this world. Our work, thus, is never ending. We hope that the legacy we are trying to leave behind us will continue and will certainly be helpful in building a strong society and nation.

We are incessantly working towards this noble cause and are confident regarding the completion of our mission.