At Mount Litera Zee School, Siwan we focus on all-round development of students. Our emerging student profile (ESP) puts equal emphasis on knowledge, life skills and values. MLZS Siwan goes beyond academics to ensure that we provide students sufficient opportunities for achieving the ESP.

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Unique skills programme

Our students engage in music, dance,theatre and arts activities through our performing arts school programmes. These provide an opportunity to explore, engage and excel in activities of their choice.

Students may choose from a range of performing pursuits. In this, they are carefully guided by professional instructors who train our students to achieve high standards in their chosen fields.

MLZS Siwan works with the instructors to identify and set specific learning outcomes in each of the activities.

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Technology Enabled Learning

Interactive white boards with AV content and WiFi internet enabled digital smart class rooms to provide students best of knowledge regarding technical subjects as they view them in 3D videos.

Smart class provide an interactive & visually attractive method of teaching.The audio-visual senses of students are targeted and it helps the students store the information fast and effectively.Digital Classroom club provides the best way to understand & see different objects & projects live working.

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ESP-Emerging student profile

We have a vision of the child we aim to graduate and everything in our schools is designed around that vision. Emerging Student Profile (ESP) is the vision that Mount Litera Zee Schools promises. Everything we do in the school strives to achieve this profile for each child. While each child will take a different path to this profile, we run the schools with the firm belief that this profile will enable our children to be leaders of the 21st century.

The ESP comprises three essential faculties: life skills, knowledge and core values.

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Litera Octave

Litera Octave is the core belief of every Zee school. It is a proprietary pedagogical model that has been honed over years of research and development. It integrates the various pillars that impact the children during their learning and development in school.

It comprises EIGHT Critical interlinked elements of school engagement with parents and child.

These are : Litera Infra, Litera Content, Litera Network, Litera Lifeskills, Litera teacher, Litera Assessment, Litera Parents and Litera Enrichment

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Well Trained Teachers

Highly qualified teachers with contineous tranning programs and workshops on academic methodology.Our rigorous hiring and comprehensive training of teachers keep them abreast with the best-in-class learning methodologies. Teachers get assessed to ensure that students get the best learning environment.

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Assesments, Evaluations & Parents

Our assessments focus on identifying what students are good at instead of whether they are good or not. MLZS Siwan assessments and parent teachers meetings take place on a continuous basis and at the child's pace rather than through only stressful periodic exams. Assessment patterns are based on feedback from various stakeholders including parents.

Parents are a critical stakeholder in the entire learning process. We orient parents through various workshops and inculcate awareness of important parenting issues like understanding the child's learning style, multiple intelligences, and child abuse prevention etc.

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Community Connect & Social Awareness

Education is all about giving back to the society. At MLZS Siwan , we prepare our students to work towards creating a sustainable environment on an ongoing basis.

We encourage our students and parent community to support organizations that help the old, the underprivileged.Our students and parent community will participate and organize projects that aim to achieve a purpose in preserving and conserving the environment and its inhabitants.